iCamp Handbook available in Spanish

One year after we succesfully went through iCamp project’s last official review, we are wirting down a new post for wellcoming a new version of our Handbook. This is the time for its Spanish version, issued by Win-Win Consultores, with the financial support of the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Turism under its “avanza2” programme for promoting Information Society, managed by red.es. We also have to thank ColorIURIS, responsible for the intellectual property rights management scheme.

Puedes descargarte la versión en español, tras aceptar las condiciones legales, siguiendo este enlace “Manual de Uso del Software Social en la Educación Superior”.

This is intended to be the UPM team’s contribution for the Spanish Presidential Term of the Council of the European Union ;)

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  1. barbara Says:

    great to see that the project still continues. Congratulations to our partners who made the Spanish and the Polish version of the handbook available!

  2. fridolin.wild Says:

    Congratulations :) — now from the UK.

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